Yamaha~YZF1000 R1 (520 Race) 09-15 DID Recommended C&S Kit


Brand DID
DID Chain & Sprocket Kits

DID chains will need no introduction for most of you, since they are probably the best known brand name in chains. Their X ring construction reduces friction and increases longevity by keeping dirt out and grease in. DID is the biggest name in the world of motorcycle chains.

Manufactured in Japan to the highest standards, DID chains are fitted as standard original equipment by most of the leading motorcycle manufacturers. DID Chain & Sprocket Kits with Afam Sprockets DID chain & sprocket kits are supplied with the recommended grade of DID chain and the super high quality Afam sprockets. They use standard size sprockets unless otherwise requested and come with a range of steel or hard anodised rear sprockets. As well as the recommended kits, we also have a range of DID Extreme Performance chain & sprocket kits.

These kits again come with the super high quality Afam sprockets. The kits also includes the highest performing chain available for the model of bike, giving the highest possible levels of performance, longevity and ultimately leave you extremely happy with the product you have purchased