YAMAHA~YZF1000 R1 (520 Race) 09-12 Ognibene Chain and Sprocket Kit


Brand Ognibene
Kit Selection

For chains and chain & sprocket kits we list several grades. Why? What’s the difference?

In a word QUALITY. We only list chains that are appropriate for that particular model. However, the higher the grade and ultimately the price, the better the chain. This means it is stronger, will last longer, is appropriate for harder use and in the long term will save you money. We list three grades.

Chain & sprockets quality guide:

Economy– is the basic chain grade required for this model. It is best suited to light and general use and is the Minimum acceptable quality for the model.

Recommended– is a higher grade and is the most appropriate for the model taking all aspects of use into account. This is the reason why we produce this recommended kit

High Performance – is Super Strong for the model and is suitable for more extreme use including Track Days and Racing (where specified).

Chain Quality Guide

Chain and sprocket kit numbers have the chain strength suffix added at end the part number, ie -7 at the end of a part number such as 01470243-7 means this kit comes with -7 XSR Super H Duty ‘XS’ Ring chain in Gold!

-0 Standard non ‘o’ ring,
-1 R/MC1 Heavy duty non ‘o’ ring (Gold)
-2 MX2 Moto X non ‘o’ ring chain (Gold)
-3 MX3 Moto X ‘GP’ non ‘o’ ring chain (Gold)
-3C MX3 Moto X ‘GP’ non ‘o’ ring chain ( Blue, Orange or Red)
-4 XLR ‘X’ ring chain (Steel Colour)
-5 XMR Heavy duty ‘XS’ ring chain (Steel colour)
-6 XRR Extra H duty ‘XS’ ring chain ( Steel Colour)
-6C XRR Extra H duty ‘XS’ ring chain (Blue, Orange or Red)
-7 XSR Super H duty ‘XS’ ring chain (Gold)
-8 XHR Hyper H duty ‘XS’ ring chain (Gold)
-8C XHRC Hyper H duty ‘XS’ ring chain (Blue, Orange, Red or Green)

AFAM Sprockets

Like many components there's more to a sprocket than you might think! AFAM have been making sprockets for more than 25 years and during that time, they have refined their manufacturing techniques to such a level that their standards now exceed those of the OEM's. Through computer programs, sprocket designs can be stress tested prior to undergoing tough field tests.

The sprockets are made on precision controlled equipment in a modern 25,000 square foot facility. The teeth are machined to the latest standards, this ensures the maximum chain life and more efficient power transmission. Machining is carried out on a gear hobbing machine. The teeth and the outside diameter are cut at the same time. This makes sure that the teeth are concentric to the sprocket centre. Most OEM's demand a maximum run-out of 0.5mm, all AFAM sprockets have a maximum run-out of 0.2mm - more than twice as accurate as the industry standard!

Most steel sprockets to be used on motorcycles 500cc or more are heat treated, which changes the hardness of the material. If not done correctly it can produce a brittle part. AFAM use induction hardening to accurately control this process. After hardening, the sprockets are tempered to produce exactly the correct hardness for durability and efficient power delivery. To correct any distortion that may have occurred during these stages, the sprockets are put through a final flattening machine. Steel sprockets have been fitted as standard to many Ducati, Aprilia, Voxan and some Yamaha motorcycles.

All aluminium sprockets are made from heat treated 7075-T6 aluminium. After precision machining and flattening they are hard anodised for durability and corrosion resistance.
Light weight aluminium rear and lightened steel front race sprockets have been used by many of the worlds best riders including Valentino Rossi, Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi, James Toseland, Chris Vermulen, Carlos Checa, Troy Bayliss, Carl Fogarty, Michael Doohan, Alex Criville, Ruben Xaus, Fabien Foret, Jeremy McGrath, Stefan Everts and many many more!

Afam are also almost unique in that they have worked with all the major factory race tears in the world, including the Aprilia, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, Suzuki And Yamaha Grand Prix teams, as well as Aprilia Racing, Ducati Racing, HRC, Ten Kate Honda, Yoshimura Suzuki, Crescent Suzuki, Yamaha USA and many many more in WSB, BSB and AMA racing.

AFAM Chains

AFAM chains are made according to stringent technical specifications by the largest Japanese chain producers. They are the result of over 25 years of experience and know how and a collaboration between the AFAM R&D department and the top Japanese chain technicians.

They are available in all types, from standard non 'O' ring to moto X, 'O' ring and heavy duty 'XS' ring, thus ensuring the most appropriate chains for all of today's high performance motorcycles.

The very latest models are the XSR (-7) XHR (-8) and XHRC (-9) Hyper heavy duty 'XS' ring chains. These are manufactured using the latest revolutionary XP-2 'XS' ring joint which reduces friction, increases resistance to stretch and increases resistance to wear. This results in the replacement of the two 'O' ring contact faces with four lubricated faces and this allows these chains to be amongst the best performing in the world.

AFAM - The Driving Force

AFAM have been manufacturing top quality products for more than 25 years and have become highly respected for their quality and manufacturing processes. They are a dominant market force in most of Europe and North America and are now highly popular here in the UK.

Their aluminium race sprockets are used extensively around the world by top class race teams, including works teams for Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. This involvement in racing has netted them more than 25 world and countless national championships in every discipline of road and off road racing so far.

Their extensive range of steel sprockets are manufactured to the same exacting standards. How good are they? Well they are fitted as original equipment on many Ducati, Aprilia and some Yamaha models and exceed the OEM quality standards for the major manufacturers. We believe they compare more than favourably to anything currently offered in the UK market, so feel free to compare them with your normal products.

They have also co-operated for many years with the major Japanese chain manufacturers in order to bring to the market a huge range of top quality 'o' ring, 'xs' ring and non 'o' ring chains, made again, to the same exacting standards. These compare favourably with all other world class products and are offered alongside a full range of chain cleaners, lubricants, riveting grease and the most comprehensive workshop chain tool set available. We believe this to be the best and most complete overall package of final drive products available and that it makes AFAM the driving force.