Termorace | Tyre Warmers | ONE


Brand Termorace

Termorace Tire warmers
- Model One - 

Please refer to the size guide before purchase.

Tyre warmers with carbon fibre heating resistance covered by a layer of thermo-conductive silicone to guarantee greater strength, arranged in a transverse way to optimally heat even the sides of the tread. System created specifically for each size and temperature variation.

• High precision thermostat that provides more safety by stabilising the tyre temperature at 80°C.

• Fire resistant internal materials.

• High insulation so as not to dissipate heat and increase efficiency.

• Anti-cut and water repellent outer fabric treated to resist oil and fuel.


Tyre warmers for on track use with wide side skirts for a quick heating also of the rim.

Constant temperature at 80°C.

Size Guide