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Brand Termorace

Termorace Tire warmers
- Model Expert -

Please refer to the size guide before purchase.

• Tyre warmers with a carbon fibre heating resistance covered by a layer of thermo-conductive silicone to guarantee greater toughness, arranged transversely to optimally heat even the sides of the tread. System created specifically for each size and temperature variation.

• High performance heating panel.

• Integrated control unit with which you can set any temperature from 45°C to 120°C and with various functions (see Control unit characteristics).

• The high precision sensor (±1°C) stabilises the tyre temperature.

• Inner Thermal diffuser that evenly distributes the heat throughout the tread.

• High insulation so as not to dissipate heat and increase efficiency.


- Tyre warmers for on track use with wide side skirts for quick heating also of the rim.

High performance heating panel with thermal diffuser.

External Control Unit that allows to select the temperature from 45°C to 120°C and with various functions

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