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- Genius- Control Unit -

• Controller supplied with two control units for EXPERT models (without rim heating) and RIM EXPERT (with rim heating).

• Waterproof silicone cover.

• Each control unit is equipped with 4 buttons and a display with intuitive graphical display in addition, the most precise numerical one for a vision          immediate heating status.

• The adjustable temperature range is from 45°C to 120 ° C. If used with RIM model, it also allows viewing of the temperature and the heating state of the panels side, from 30°C to 60°C.


• The control unit allows to select any temperature from 45°C to 120°C.

• You can preset 3 temperatures (T1, T2, T3) to quickly change according to your standards.

• The lightning light indicates when the tyre warmer is being heated, and the coloured Bar in the high edge of the display is charged until the set temperature is reached, for an immediate view of the heating status. Once the target temperature is reached, a timer indicating hours and minutes of maintenance is activated. Finally the word “GO!” lights up when the tyre is ready.