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Sprint Filter with P08, P037 and P08F1-85 air filters has reinvented the concept of a special air filter. Unlike materials like cotton which fiber breaks easily or sponge that is inconsistent under pressure but an innovative polyester material that allows an air passage to be constant and calibrated.


Sprint Filter P08, P037 and P08F1-85 are the air filters filter that provide every time the best performances on each bike. The many results on the test bench show that P08, P08F1-85 or P037 are the best solutions in order to get the right amount of air in a constant way. This is achieved thanks to optimisation of the surfaces of any air filter that Sprint Filter operates on every original air box. It follows the maximum attainable surface: more AIR, more POWER, more FILTRATION.



P08, P16, P037 and the last P08F1-85 were born in races. Top Racing Teams of World Championships like MotoGP, Moto3, Superbike, Supersport and Superstock are constantly using P08, P16, P037 and P08F1-85 air filters. Sprint Filter develops every day new solutions with best racing teams in the World in search of maximum filtration and minimum power loss. Sprint Filter has won 23 world titles in last six years. Riders as Maverick Viñales, Kenan Sofuoglu, Jack Miller, Bulega, Sam Lowes, Michael Vd Mark, Lorenzo Savadori, Leandro Mercado, Brad Binder, Dennis Foggia have won World titles with motorcycles equipped with Sprint Filter air filters.



P08, P037, P16 and P08F1-85 air filters are totally different from others. There isn't a filter in the world built with similar technology. The membrane filter consists of a fabric of polyester threads starting from ø 22 microns (P08F1-85). What's more, the filtering surface is doubled than any other special filter. Here's an microscopic shot of the cotton filter and our P08 polyester in comparison.


Maintenance of the air filter is important for the protection, care and efficiency of the engine. A clean and undamaged filter will always ensure the correct quantity of clean air for the air-box. Another air filter maintenance aspect not to disregard is how long it lasts. Apart from the time required for disassembly and reassembly, cotton and sponge air filters demand downtime for washing, drying and oiling the filtering element, all operations not necessary with a polyester air filter. The Sprint Filter air filter cleaning procedure is, in fact, extremely easy and quick: just use an air jet in the opposite direction of the suction to remove most of the debris collected. No washing or drying is necessary, so it can be refitted straight away. For exceptionally dirty filters begin with compressed air, then using a common household detergent, allow the filter to soak for 15-30 minutes and gently agitate the filter in the solution. Rinse the filter with clean water until the water runs clear. Allow to air dry thoroughly and then reinstall. Reminder, Do Not Oil.


Sprint Filter P08, P037, P16 and P08F1-85 air filters, if maintained in the correct way, will last for the entire life of the motorcycle and will no longer be necessary to replace the original air filter. Attached is the comparison of a paper OEM air filter vs Sprint Filter P08 air filter. As you can see, the paper filters are dirty and the folds are in a irregular shape. So how can it assure you a constant air flow? However, Sprint filter P08, P037, P16 and P08F1-85 polyester folds are constant and build in a solid construction resulting in stable and efficient air flow.


The precise amount of the air / fuel mixture allows the electronic control unit to re-adjust to the right combination mix. It means that the Sprint Filter P08, P037, P16 and P08F1-85 air filters allow you to consume less fuel even with an increase in performance!


They spend a lot of time and effort to study and research of the best materials for the production for our air filters, whether polyurethane or carbon. The air filters are made with extreme precision to make sure that they give you the best air to fuel ratio. Not too much air or not too little air, just the right amount aimed towards utmost performance for your bikes.


They use only the best raw materials. The polyurethane that we use for plastic substrates is not comparable to any other filters and presents extraordinary mechanical ability. For some racing applications we use only the best carbon is treated in an autoclave. As presented on the picture is a comparison between a cotton layer and the Sprint Filter P08 air filter. On the left is a enlarged microscopic view of a 4-layer cotton air filter. There is clearly a non-homogeneous structure of the fabric, that with the passage of time will undergo deformations and fraying due to maintenance and the passage of air. On the right is a same microscope view of the fabric of the patented Sprint Filter P08 polyester air filter. From the picture we can see how much more constant the passage of air that will remain the same forever.


They have produced special air filters for over 60 years. In each of our new application we put all our experience on filtration and the development. Each of their individual filters has a little something more than the others cannot replicate: their Passion.


The innovative polyester Sprint Filter P08 air filter stands apart from all other special cotton air filters for its increased air permeability along with its more efficient filtration and easy maintenance. They can clearly demonstrate that air permeability compared to a common special cotton air filter is distinctly superior. The increase in air permeability and better performance in comparison with common cotton special filters is mainly due to two essential elements: the filtering material structure is made of polyester and the filter’s folds are higher. These folds are what allow for the highest filtering surface on panel filters (20 mm) and work to the fullest advantage of air permeability and the quality of dirt filtration. Moreover, the total absence of oil to contain dirt allows for increased air entry with equal surface area. Furthermore, when considering that the filtering surface is very wide, an increase in air flow of approximately 25% is obtained in comparison with a cotton filter, working to the fullest advantage of the engine’s performance and the guaranteed protection of increased filtration.