Rizoma | Racing Proguards


Brand Rizoma

Racing edition for Rizoma competition is the best lab for testing products. After several test and improvements, Rizoma offers a consumer version of Proguard Racing System.

Obtained thanks to a particular 3D machining, the shape is different from the standard Proguard system. The shape of the Proguard Racing System is designed to add protection to the pinky finger in the case of a fall during which the hand is still on the bar when the bar touches down (common cause of injury). Chosen and used by teams and riders in each class, Proguard Racing System is the best protection available for you.

The kit is complete with 1 x screw M6x40 UNI5931. Adaptor for handlebars with 13-20mm diameter. included. Each Proguard system includes two arms of different length to ensure proper fit.

Bar end finisher can also be purchased to complete the look when buying just 1 Proguard.


Yamaha XSR 700 / 900 - Adapter LP300B is required.