Renthal Road & Race Grips


Brand Renthal

Renthal grips are produced in Renthal’s state of the art manufacturing and design facility, using the most state of the art available for manufacturing, quality control, research and development and storage. Renthal currently employ over 60 production staff, and their products are sold in 42 countries worldwide.

It is their obsession for detail and engineering quality that make their products the best on the market today, and with sponsored racers accumulating 142 World and 111 US Titles with Renthal products, who can argue?

A fraction of a second, a few grams, and a couple of millimetres...attention to every small detail is what it takes to be the best!

If you chose the option ADD GLUE you will receive a bottle of Renthal quick dry grip glue all info below ....

Renthal's 'Quick Dry' Grip Glue is a fast acting adhesive, developed to bond Renthal grips to all handlebars in a matter of minutes. Its formulation allows the user to apply glue to the inside of the grip, fit the grip and position into the best position before creating a safe and secure bond between the grips and handlebar.

Supplied in a 20g resealable bottle.