Renthal Rear Sprocket 520 Pitch (Race Use) Hard Anodised HondaCBR1000RR Fireblade


Brand Renthal

Precision CNC machined to extremely tight tolerance from high strength 7075 T651 aluminium alloy, these ultra lightweight rear chainwheels are developed to withstand the rigours of racing from Superbike to Motocross.

These particular alloy sprockets have excellent resistance to wear thats combined with a very high tensile strength. CNC machining ensures an unequalled accuracy of fit whatever make or model motorcycle you own, while their advanced tooth profile, fit and concentricity help to provide your machine with maximum power transfer and significantly increased sprocket longevity.

Renthal's alloy construction results in a huge 66% weight saving over it's steel counter-part, resulting in improved road and race performance as the power required to accelerate and brake this unsprung revolving weight is significantly reduced.

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