Motorcycle Cleaner by Guy Martin: Refill Pouch 1.5L


Motorcycle Cleaner by Guy Martin!!

This Motorcycle Cleaner has been specifically designed to remove road & track grime, brake dust & insects with minimal agitation, while still being safe to use on paint, plastics and all the other surfaces of your bike.

70% of the world is water, why ship it?

Fill the bottle with your own water, drop in a complete capsule, give it 30 seconds, a shake and it’s reet.

The liquid is fully biodegradable, alkaline based & it’s not tested on Nigel the Dog or his mates. It’s safe to use on all surfaces, including carbon fibre, anodized parts, pads and discs. You get 1.5 litres of cleaner, but because we’re not shipping you 1.5 litres liquid it has a smaller carbon footprint than other cleaners on the market & the technology behind it is trick!


- 2 Capsules (making 750 ml each).