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Brand Matris
Matris Shock Absorbers

Matris shock absorbers combine outstanding performance with exquisite engineering product design and value for money.

Manufactured in the Italy to the highest quality, Matris shock absorbers are available in three different formats. The ‘KD’ single damping adjustment is for Road use, the ‘K’ or two way damping adjustment is for Road and Track use and the ‘R‘ or three way damping adjustment is for Road, Track and Race use. The design is based around a 46mm diameter piston with a 16mm diameter piston rod.

The ‘KD’ single adjustment shock is intended principally as a road shock. It uses a single damping adjuster to make it very easy for a road rider to get the right set up for their own personal use. It also has spring preload adjustment and in most cases ride height adjustment. Many are also available with the addition of the Hydraulic Preload Adjuster.

The ‘K’ two way adjustable shock is a more sophisticated unit intended for road and track use. It uses two damping control adjustments to independently control rebound and compression or ‘bump’ damping. Ideal for fast road, track day or race use. As always spring preload adjustment is included and most units are ride height adjustable. And again many are available with the addition of the Hydraulic Preload Adjuster.

The ‘R’ three way adjustable shock is intended primarily for race and track use with specifications the same as the two way adjustable shock, except with the addition of independently adjustable hi and low speed compression damping. It is ride height adjustable and is fitted with a Hydraulic preload adjuster as standard.

With a Matris shock absorber, you can feel a difference with every click of damping adjustment you make and you can see it on a Shock Dyno! This is achieved by the absolute precision engineering of internal components, so often sadly lacking in many ‘big name’ mass produced products.

Their benefits include:

Easy Adjustment
Precision Damping adjustment
Very light weight, CNC machined and hand built not welded.
Fully re-buildable and re-valveable.
Infinite range of bump / rebound ratios.
Very low friction design.
Separate nitrogen charge with fully floating piston.
Sealed adjusters.