Marchesini M10RR Kompe Motard


M10RR Kompe Motard (Pair)

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The beneficial alternative to wire spoked wheels...

Extensive experience gained over many years of producing forged aluminium components has enabled Marchesini to create these light - but extremely durable - ten-spoke wheels for SuperMoto/SuperMotards.

This latest generation of wheel is equipped for the most extreme demands of the sport and provides improved performance in this relatively new area of biking, an area that has now established itself on an international level.

Similar to the Kompe road wheel in design, the Kompe Motard has been revised at the design stage to enable the wheel to deliver the required strength combined with other crucial advantages compared to the more commonly used wire spoked wheels.

The key benefits are significantly improved rigidity, combined with weight reduction - which lowers the inertia of the wheels to deliver better acceleration, braking and turning.

Of equal importance to most riders, though, is that this wheel also enables the use of tubeless tyres - assuring a further weight reduction compared to standard wheels, and a much reduced puncture risk.
It's easy to see why these characteristics have enabled users of these wheels to have won leading national Supermoto championships many times over!

...Kompe Supermotard, unique in its kind.