Marchesini Magnesium M10RS - CORSE (Street & Track)


Magnesium M10RS - CORSE (Street & Track) (Pair)

Available in Gloss Black, Matt Black or Gold - Please specify at checkout.

M10R- CORSE is the wheel with which Marchesini first introduced forged Magnesium into world- class motorcycle competitions, and still today it is the choice of many top teams.

M10R - CORSE is for riders looking for maximum performance on the racing track or the best connection with the bike on the road, with an archetypal Marchesini design that has become the emblem of track racing.

It is a no-compromise product that exists for one reason alone: to be the best for everyone, from championship riders to biker enthusiasts.

M10R - CORSE is the product of Marchesini's lifetime of experience in the racing field, cutting edge design and structural analysis techniques, continual process of research & development into materials and manufacturing technologies, and the constant, in-depth control of every stage in the production process.

The multi-directional forging process, the high-resistance magnesium alloy from plastic deformation and pursuit of an optimised raw material geometry combine to make a material of superior mechanical properties from the outset, better than those of standard aluminium alloys, but weighing one third less.

M10R - CORSE wheels can weigh up to 45% less than the original set and cut inertia by about 30% for lightning-fast accelerations, faster handling in and out of bends, last-minute braking and better bike agility on any surface or condition, allowing the rider to make more efficient and easier use of high performing supersport bike running gears and suspensions and unleash the full power of a sports bike.