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I2M Data acquisition system allows you to acquire several parameters. Recording trajectories and GPS speeds you can obtain laptimes, and as many split times as you like (accurate to 1/100s). You can also add the acquisition of RPM, rear wheel speed, gears in use, TPS, all without adding any auxiliary sensor. Otherwise, by adding sensors you can also record suspensions, front wheel speed, tire temperature, brake pressure, the value of lambda sensor or any other sensor signal up to a total of 6 analog channels, 2 speed and 1 RPM and you can now add many other channels with our plug&play kit via can bus.. . Our acquisition system is composed by 2 distinct but joined elements: the multi input central unit Dasy6 (that contains the hardware needed) and Danas2 (developed in collaboration with Team Pedercini) ( a PC software which allows the user to analyze data acquired with Dasy). The system is easily customizable for each pilot/team needs.

If a driver needs a plain version, he can use Dasy only with GPS data, however being able to understand where can improve his performances analyzing various GPS paths and splits of different laps. If a pilot wish to understand also how to improve he can simply add bike provided signals. If a pilot wants a more detailed analysis he can use the complete system adding auxiliary sensors.
DasyX system is based on a compact central unit which receive power supply (12V) directly from the bike and for this reason can acquire data for a long time, limited only by the internal memory available for storage (128MB). On the front panel you can find all the connectors for the various inputs available. Each input has its own connector so it is simple to install and use Dasy. On the top of the box, a led allow to monitor the working status of the system and you can find the USB plug fro data download.

The data collected is stored on a flash memory. At the end of the session it will be possible to connect a PC directly to the system through Dasy USB front plug in order to download data. If you don't have a PC you can download data and system configuration, even through a simple USB pen.
Connect the key and the system will download the data without need for any external command, at the end of the process, the LED will stop
clicca per ingrandireflashing and you can
extract the memory. The data already present on the external memory will not beaffected thus making it possible to use this method of downloading with any key, even already partially used. The analisys of the collected data using 10Hz GPS technology becomes easy even for novice users thanks to Dasy. GPS tracking allows to instantly identify what parts of the track relate with each point of collected data moreover it gives valuable information about speed and trajectory. The further acquisition of RPM, throttle, rear wheel speed (without additional sensors) allow to give a concrete meaning to the collected data and convert this information directly to the driving information.

The Dasy system, thanks to its output sync is able to control the activation of cameras such as the onboard video FlyCamOne2 obtaining video synchronous with the data collected. Videos can then be visualized and then analyzed using the video function of Danas2.
Thanks to the functionality offered by the DASY6 you can acquire a set of data that you can use as overlay in video. In the video below you can see the amounts taken by one of our customer, thanks to software TrackVision and a video taken with a bullet cam, he got a movie of his run on the track very similar to that seen in the world competitions.

In Lambda version Dasy X has an O2 BOSH 4.9 sensor embedded and with the aid of Danas software can manage stoichiometric maps and their corrections

We have available the following Can Bus plug&play kit for:

- BMW S1000RR e Hp4
- KAWASAKI ZX10R 2011-2014
- DUCATI 1198/1198S/1198R
- DUCATI 1199 Panigale
- MV 675

Thanks to the Can Bus connection DasyX can acquire multiple parameters depending of what is transmitted by the original central unit. On BMW Hp4 is for instance possible to acquire Rmp, front and rear speed, gears, water and air tempaerature, battery carge level, TPS, manual gas position, two channels for traction control, leaning angle, fork (if pontetiometer has been instlled) and rear shock, all by simply plugging a connector.


Version with sensors KIT:

You can buy DasyX (even Lambda version) with an esy to use kit mad up by:

- Fork Potenziometer [150mm, diameter 9.5mm]
- Rear Shock Potenziometer [75mm, diameter 9.5mm]
- Break Pressure Sensor [0-50Bar double diaphragm]
- Front Weel Speed Proximity Sensor (on request)
- Plug&play wiring for all the above sensors (free inputs for the remaining channels)