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I2M Chrome Plus 2


Brand I2M

Chrome PLUS 2: a new step forward

Made thanks to the experience gained with the PRO2, the new Chrome PLUS2 can boast more than 150 acquisition channels, Dual Core processor, integrated Bluetooth receiver for connection with heart sensors and latest generation GoPro.
The new PLUS2 combines the features of its predecessor, such as the video input or the integrated lambda controller, with new RGB LEDs and the ability to manage parametric sensors, all in a new ultra-slim look.

Thanks to the use of a new dedicated hardware based on a dual core processor, the Chrome PLUS2 2 is able to read and acquire over 128 Can Bus channels alongside the 30 standard ones including speed, rpm, external analogue, tire pressures and temperatures. , GPS, gears, water, oil ...The new hardware makes it possible to make the acquisition of channels completely configurable with a maximum frequency of 500Hz for each channel. Great attention was paid to the total configurability of every aspect starting from the alarms, now all RGB, up to the possibility of creating non-linear sensors for each input. A new integrated wiring with a single IP67 connector and new adapter cards complete the new experience linked to Chrome PLUS2.


Thanks to the new PLUS2, the Chrome family further increases its performance while leaving the user the possibility to choose the version that best suits his needs. The table on the side summarizes the main differences between our three Chrome.

Thanks to the new integrated Bluetooth BLE receiver it is possible to connect the Chrome PLUS2 to a Polar H7 or H10 heart rate sensors. A heart-shaped icon on the screen will indicate the connection has been made by making the heart sensor on the screen in proportion to your heartbeat. The data is then acquired in order to be subsequently re-examined in order to plan a correct physical and targeted training based on personal physical effort.The integrated BLE connection allows PLUS2 to also connect to GoPRO HERO9 and HERO10, thus managing their registration directly.



The Chrome PLUS 2 is supplied in a package containing:

  • Chrome PLUS2
  • GPS receiver
  • Main wiring
  • Cleaning cloth
  • To be able to install it, you only need to choose the plug & play adapter for your motorcycle.The lambda sensor and its connection strap are sold separately so that they can only be purchased by those interested in reading Lambda values.



    • 5 "colour graphic display 800x480
    • Very high visibility even in direct sunlight
    • 1GHz dual core processor with 1GB of RAM memory
    • Aluminium CNC case
    • Fully configurable pilot and mechanic pages
    • Trajectory detection and GPS speed at 10Hz with 66 channels in parallel
    • Stopwatch function with 20 pre-set circuits, memory of 500 laps per circuit
    • Automatic recognition of the circuit, with four sectors
    • Calculation of best lap, ideal, predictive lap, difference with the best lap or with the last lap, historical and current day maximum values
    • Programming via USB stick
    • 11 fully configurable high brightness RGB alarms
    • IP67 protection
    • Polar H7 or H10 heart rate belt connection
    • Hero9 and Hero10 GoPro connection
    • 8 10-bit analog inputs
    • 2 speed inputs and 1 RPM input
    • Separate fully configurable water, petrol and oil inputs, also Can Bus
    • 128 channels of Can Bus acquisition at 500Hz each
    • Data download via USB stick, or WiFi
    • Possibility to connect a two button remote control without additional interfaces
    • Auxiliary can bus for expansion modules
    • Storage on 16GB internal memory
    • Possibility of webCam C270 connection for synchronization of the acquired data
    • 3 different distance meters, 2 operating hours and total laps
    • Integrated lambda probe controller