EP | Honda CBR1000RR | Rear Spindle Bobbins (2017-2019)


Features of EP Rear Spindle Bobbin Crash Protection for the Honda CBR1000RR

  • Durable nylon slider heads with an aluminium core
  • Mounts through rear wheel spindle
  • Stainless steel spindle rod and all required fasteners included
  • Evotech Performance manufacture using the highest quality materials
  • Individual replacement bobbins can be purchased separately


What is Spindle Bobbin Crash Protection?

EP Rear Spindle Bobbins for the Honda CBR1000RR offer crash protection to both sides of the expensive swing arm. Nylon bobbin heads, sitting over an aluminium core, protrude from the swing arm to help absorb initial impact in any crash. The innovative design allows the slider to rotate to decrease stress on the machine. Mounted via the rear wheel spindle using a rolled thread spindle rod.