EC - Table Marks Carbon Times Pitboard


The carbon pit board lighter on the market.

Only 1.6 Kg, use the result of special composite materials including carbon twill, worked in an autoclave and openings on the structure made by water jet machining.

For coupling of the bars, always carbon, where the numbers are inserted folders, use of oxidized rivets.

The measures in the table of 1500 x 800 mm make it possible to have 4 rows of information with the numbers of folders files to be well 285 x 160 x 0.7 mm on which fluorescent numbers are provided, which guarantees a perfect reading in all the conditions and speed.

A aerodynamics we studied a form and openings on the structure that avoid the effect very annoying flag when displaying tables very resistant to airflow created by the passage of the motion in the vicinity of the pit wall.

The kit over the table includes a briefcase with 50 folders and related fluorescent numbers for complete series of four more arrows numbers, symbols + - and points.