EC - Carbon Fibre Fairings BMW


Our carbon fibre is of very high quality, with a flawless gloss finish, the perfect matching of the parts, with the peculiarity that the engine covers have multilayer Kevlar to make the engine protection real in case of a fall and the same (where possible) can be attached directly to the screws of the cover without having to resort to the usual silicone used by most of our competitors.

The frame and swingarm protections have also a kevlar interior and it goes to cover the frame length of the entire perimeter exposed, thus creating a perfect protection and the appearance of absolute importance.

Note that there is an appropriate space left for all screws to facilitate operations of the bike on track without having to remove the guard.

All air box pipe are perfectly interchangeable with the originals, like the rest of our components, like fenders, instrumentation support, the tank covers which are equipped with internal supports like the originals to avoid those annoying vibrations when increasing the speed due to air that is creeping into the cracks and slams into the tanks.