Discacciati | Master Cylinders | Thumb Brake


Discacciati | Master Cylinders | Thumb Brake

The thumb brake pump is designed for speed and for those circumstances in which the brake pedal is not activated due to the exasperated bends; Corrects curves and modulates braking.

This is mounted to the handlebar by bracket of a pump support always in a part purchasable anodised aluminium. Also applicable for people with disabilities as a brake on the handlebars.

These radial pumps are manufactured with state-of-the-art procedures and machining, guaranteeing excellent performance and performance. They are machined from solid 7075, treated with hard oxidation and lapping cylinder, assembled manually with the utmost care by personnel specifically trained.

Piston diameter : 13mm
Body pump treatment : hard oxidation
Lever treatment : anodised