BMW S1000RR 12> Matris Steering Dampers SDK Series


Brand Matris
Modern superbikes use very steep head angles, short wheel bases and very powerful engines. By their very nature this will make them incliuned to 'tank slap', regardless of frame or suspension design. In more recent years the bike manufacturers are begining to fit steering dampers as Original Equipment but rather like OE shock absorbers they are mostly poor quality, non adjustable, inexpensive items whihc can be vastley improved on.


Matris have been manufacturing some of the best speed sensitive dampers in the world since about 1990. There are other brand names that are better know, but in our opinion none that produce a better product and they have been race proven all over the world!

Their speed sensitivity design reacts to sudden movements by automatically increasing their damping without restricting movements at slow speeds. This is the best of both worlds and the perfect damper design.

We can curentley offer two types of steering dampers, these are Series K Dampers and Race Series Dampers.

Series K Dampers

Speed sensitive hydraulic operation,
13 position adjustable and fully re-buildable,
High tensile alloy steel rod with hard chrome coating,
Twin Tube design with Titanium external cylinder,
External tank for heat compensation of fluid expansion,
Pressurised with Nitrogen gas for greater stability at high tempretures.