Carbon Fibre | Ducati Panigale V4/V4S/V4R Tank Heat Protector 2018 - 2023


All the best carbon fiber to protect and improve Ducati new “born”.
Frame protection which secures the whole aluminum structure. The protection is open so to allow working on all the parts fixed to the frame.

Our carbon fiber is of very high quality, with a flawless gloss finish, the perfect matching of the parts, with the peculiarity that the engine covers have multilayer Kevlar to make the engine protection real in case of a fall and the same (where possible) can be attached directly to the screws of the cover without having to resort to the usual silicone used by most of our competitors.
All our carbon fiber is pre-preg, in twill texture and made in autoclave in 6 BAR of pressure and 120° of temperature.

Only racing use