BSD | Yamaha | Blip Box-Pro - MT10 - Autoblip downshift module (load cell activated)


Brand BSD

Clutch-Free shifting...…Perfected

The Blip Box system for MT10 includes hardware for both up and down shift so there is no need to buy the shift sensor kit from Yamaha.

What does this auto-blipper do ?

  • This miniature module provides an fully programmable throttle 'auto blip' when ever a down-shift signal is requested by the rider.
  • The signal to shift comes from a load cell integrated into the gear linkage
  • There is no re-flash of the ECU
  • There is no need to buy the up-shift sensor from Yamaha as our load cell is used for up and down shifts
  • Data from the throttle grip and the on-board CAN bus are used to determine the optimum shifting parameters
  • Just plug it in using the fully pre-wired adapter loom and ride
  • Installation typically takes 40 minutes.

Blip Box - Pro

  • The Blip-Box-Pro for the R1 comes fully pre-programmed with a 'blip map' for your bike with shift UP/DOWN activation from a load cell designed to fit directly to the existing gear change linkages, no fabrication is needed by the customer .
  • This product is designed for road, race or trackday users who like the concept of shifting down without the clutch
  • This load cell also replaces the standard up-shift switch (optional extra) on the bike so the Blip-Box takes over up shifting allowing a fully programmable shift load.
  • Via a dedicated (yet simple) piece of software any user can link up over USB to modify all system parameters enabling custom 'blip maps' , shift loading and many other parameters. (requires additional BB-UCIF programming tool and software)