BSD | Kawasaki | ZX10, 2004_05 - Nemesis Traction Control 'TCS kit'


Brand BSD

Nemesis-TCS kit for the Kawasaki ZX10 - 2004>2005

All Nemesis traction control systems use 'wheel speed' based technology coupled to clever internal sensors and track tested slip maps. No other aftermarket TCS system is able to offer anything close to the level of control, nor such a genuine link to the technology used at the highest levels of motorcycle sport.

The kit:

This kit is designed specifically for installation the Kawasaki ZX10 - 20004-2005 and will be supplied with an appropriate slip map to suit your tyre and wheel size choice. Unlike other systems we don’t expect you to fabricate anything or learn how to re-wire your bike, when we say ‘plug n play’ and ‘kit form’ we mean it.

Software / Programming

Your Nemesis TCS kit is supplied with default 'test' maps. In order to set the system up you will need one WinTC-USB programmer and the WinTC software which are supplied as a separate kit. You are probably wondering why this is not included, here is why.

  • Many users have these TCS kits setup by their local workshop so don't need one. Only one is required by the workshop
  • Some owners have multiple bikes with TCS, so only need one programmer
  • Some owners buy a programmer and share it with 'track day' friends
  • If you don't need it for your own dedicated use, why add the cost into every kit.