BSD | Ducati | Weber/Marelli PICO fuel injector - 329cc/min


Brand BSD
Magneti Marelli / Weber PICO fuel injector - IWP043 with Brown band

4 hole 'cone shaped' spray pattern fuel injector
  • For use with fuel systems at 2.5bar up to 5bar line pressure
  • Static flow rate - 329cc/min at 3bar
  • High impedance 14ohm for use with any EFI system with a 2amp injector driver (which is just about all of them)
  • Injector 'dead time' / battery correction data is available if required.

Standard equipment on all these Ducati bikes up to 2006
  • Monster 620/750/900/1000
  • Monster 1000 DS
  • Multistrada 1000 DS
  • Supersport 620/800/1000
  • Paul Smart

Later models use the IWP162 injector with white band