BSD | Ducati | V4 handlebar race switches - 8 button (7 functions)


Brand BSD

Left side road or track switch assembly for the following bikes machined from billet aluminium

  • Ducati V4

This switch is a direct replacement for the standard left hand multi-function switch assembly found on the Ducati V4, it features all of the standard controls needed for a track bike in a billet machined aluminium body. But has none of the road bike functions such as headlights, turn signals, horn.

The kit includes both the switch assembly and an external control module to convert the push button switch signals into a data format compatible with the bike. This extra module is hidden away behind the bodywork panels close to the ignition switch.

  • 1 x left switch assembly 8B-04
  • 1 x LIN Control module KT146

Each switch is IP67 sealed featuring gold contacts and connects to the bike via a ‘plug n play’ external control module via high temperature Raychem race wire. No modification of the bike wiring or steering stops are necessary.

Your existing bike wiring loom simply plugs into the control module located near the ignition switch under the fuel tank cover. This also protects the bike wiring against crashing as it would not be damaged in the event of losing the left switch (handlebar) in a crash.

Controls are grouped ergonomically so the most important rider mode functions are close to the thumb in the lower section of the switch. The Lap-Set is duplicated front centre and rear allowing the rider to choose whichever position is easier. This leaves the dash layout controls in the upper section as these are not typically needed during performance riding.

In the event of a crash the switch assembly can be repaired or replaced separately to the control module.


  • Dash mode UP
  • Dash Mode DOWN
  • Mode / Enter
  • Flasher / lap set (finger operated at the rear, and centre button at the front)
  • Rider function +
  • Rider function -
  • Select