BSD | Ducati | V4 electronic Fork and Shock bypass kit (no dash warnings)


Brand BSD
Miniature plug-in modules allowing the electronic fork and shock adjusters to be removed on the Ducati V4 without any warning lights on the dash.

The two front modules plug directly into the wiring harness and can be tucked behind existing fairing panels.

The two rear modules should be placed under the seat area using the extension cables we supply in the kit.

Kit parts:
  • 4 x Bypass modules
  • 1 x 300mm extension cable - Rear
  • 1 x 450mm extension cable - Rear
No user programming is required

Note: Modules can become warm after prolonged use, up to 70deg C if located in an enclosed position and subject to engine soak temperature. Normal running temperature is 40>50 deg C

Kit is designed for use on the Ducati V4 only, but modules are also compatible with the fork devices on the 1199 / 1299 (but not the shock)