BSD | Ducati | Race specification wiring / Ducati 848 1098 1198


Brand BSD
Built race specification wiring looms to meet your exact specification.
  • Lighter
  • Stronger
  • Greater reliability
  • Integration with other systems such as shifters, TC, gear displays, data loggers
  • No un-necessary wiring for road use systems like lights and turn signals
  • Compatible with standard and aftermarket ECUs.
All are custom made, Email us for a quote but typically between £1400 and £2300 excluding tax depending on the complexity of your installation.

Image shows a 1098R wiring loom built to this specification:
  • Front ECU mounting
  • No ignition switch, just and on/off toggle
  • Microtec M197 ECU
  • Integrated Nemesis TCS system
  • Aux power / CAN for external gear display
  • Detachable injector loom for easy servicing