BSD | Ducati | Lambda sensor for Ducati 998RS, GP03 > GP06


Brand BSD
Lambda sensor for Ducati 998RS, GP03, GP04, GP05, GP06
Original Ducati part number - 
552.1.019.3A (no longer available)

This is a re-manufactured part built using the same construction technique with identical sensor output calibration as well as the integral calibration resistor, wire length and connectors. 
Compatible with:
  • Ducati 998 RS
  • GP03
  • GP04
  • GP05
  • GP06
Complete 'plug n play' installation and no ECU or 'blue box' adjustments necessary
  • Connector - 7 way socket
  • Resistor value code is also supplied with each sensor for use on GP05 and GP06 which need these values.