Brembo | Set of Z04 Pads for OEM Kawasaki Calipers


Brand Brembo

Brembo Z04 Superbike Racing Brake Pads

These race pads will fit OEM calipers for the Kawasaki ZX10R 2008-2015 and ZX6R 2007>

This is a set which includes 2x 2 pad packs for ZX-10R. (1 pack = 1 caliper)
This is a set which includes 2x 4 pad packs for ZX-6R. (1 pack = 1 caliper)

Brembo Z04 Sintered Compound Front Brake Pad for Race & Track Day Use

Pad thickness = 8.1mm 

Record-breaking performance and durability

The exact same pads supplied by Brembo’s racing division to championship-winning World Superbike and World Supersport Championship teams, are now available from us for track day and race use.

The Brembo high performance brake pad range was developed exclusively for racing and designed to offer unparalleled performance in the most demanding race conditions: with greater braking control, greater system stability, increased braking power, outstanding resistance to high temperatures and reduced wear and reduced wear (i.e., these pads may seem costly but they last far longer than most comparable race pads which goes a long way to equalising their true cost).

The pinnacle of the Brembo Racing division’s range is the unique sintered Z04 compound, the most significant characteristics of which are its very high friction, superb lever feel and consistent performance, especially at extremely high disc temperatures.

These characteristics ensure superlative, consistent braking for the entire duration of a race and will make your braking system much less prone to fade.

For racing, low temperature efficiency is less important, and as a result, the Z04 pad is not suitable nor approved for road use.