Brembo RCS 19 Brake MC & Brembo Remote Adjuster Deal


- Ratio adjustable mechanism (18-20)
- Span adjustable lever
- Ergonomically designed
- Integral bleed-nipple
- Supplied with electric integral brake light switch (avoiding the need for hydraulic brake light switch banjo bolt)

The ultimate Brembo Master Cylinder, perfect for every sports bike. With its adjustable leverage ratio, the perfect combination of lever travel and lever feel/firmness can always be found.

Because this is supplied with its own electrical brake light switch integrated underneath the cylinder, fitting it to road bikes is even easier than having to use the usual method of a hydraulic brake light banjo bolt switch and avoids the cost of this too.

Ready to connect to your bike's standard/original or optional Brembo remote fluid reservoir - available below (separate/bike's original reservoir mounting bracket required).

Can be supplied with optional Brembo single or double brake line banjo bolt and washers.
  • The remote adjuster uses Brembo's patented the CBW system (Click By Wire)
  • The CBW system provides fine micro adjustment of the brake lever position while on the bike.
  • A special inner cable in combination with an outer PVC cable allows smooth adjustement.
  • The adjuster cable can be easily cut to adjust for most any application.
  • CNC nylon bracket included
  • Compatible only with RCS radial master cylinders