Brembo Radial RCS 19 Front Brake Master Cylinder

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Brembo RCS (Ratio Click System) Radial Master Cylinder

Brembo is still a step forward compared to the competition, with its new adjustable derivation radial brake master cylinder, developed through their experience of racing at the highest level. The major innovation is the new patented device RCS (Ratio Click System) that allows for easy adjustment of the lever ratio with the simple rotation of an eccentric adjuster, placed on the front of the lever.

RCS system function: the 19mm brake unit is adjustable for 18 or 20 ratio and the 15mm Single Disc Brake unit is adjustable for 18 or 16 ratio (19mm will power any Twin Disc system and 15mm any Single Disc System). With the RCS-Ratio Click System you can change from one configuration to another, allowing for different riding characteristics. The adjustable ratio allows you change the ‘feel’ and set it to your preferred position. This solution makes it possible to adapt to different braking conditions, dry or wet, more or less grip, for use on the track or on the street. It is virtually is like having two different master cylinders in one.

The master cylinder body is forged aluminium then subsequently CNC worked by lightening mill before finally the surface is hard anodised. The new radial brake cylinder reflects the geometry, dimensions and features of that used in MotoGP.