Brand Brembo

Master cylinder radial front brake pump RCS 19 CorsaCorta

The new Brembo Racing brake pump RCS 19 Corsa Corta is the latest Brembo invention. This radial brake master cylinder is the evolution of all the brake pumps, the latter in addition to benefit from all the features of the classic RCS, has an innovative and elegant design and a Further adjustment to meet all the conditions in cui the guides bike. In fact, the RCS19 Short stroke in addition to being adjustable in different positions and nell'interasse, this is adjustable Also in "readiness".


-R "RACE" for a minimum idle stroke and the lever consequently Be More ready,

-S "SPORT" for an idle stroke in an intermediate position with a great feeling lever,

-N "NORMAL" the idle stroke will be greater, and consequently the braking will be sweeter.


The operation of the brake pump scheme:

The idle stroke of a pump is the movement of the piston from the released position until the closing of the tank inlet port. During this movement the pressure in the brake circuit does not INCREASE and, consequently, there will not be any braking action. Since the closure of the inlet bore forward (effective stroke), the pressure in the brake circuit will INCREASE until they reach the braking effect wanted.

The 19 RCS Corsa Corta is prevalent caratterizzata by three aspects:

1) New Extremely aggressive style, generated by square shapes, in line with market trends.

2) A new tricolor flag design to feature the Made in Italy.

3) The introduction of "readiness" of the pump. 

The 19 RCS Corsa Corta is fully customisable:

1) Adjustment PLAY IN. Calibration of three positions (RSN) for "mapping" the lever part of the excursion in a very accurate way, to find the maximum feeling with the brake in the various conditions.

2) Adjustment REMOTE PEDAL. Adjusting continues (click by click) for varying the distance of the lever from the handlebar to fit the hand.

3) Adjustment LEVER DISTANCE. Calibration of two positions: 18 mm. for maximum controllability and 20 mm. for maximum readiness of the braking system.