Brembo | Master Cylinders | Radial Forged Brake Pump 19x20


Brand Brembo

Brembo | Master Cylinders | Radial Forged Brake Pump 19x20

Model : 19x20

This pump is recommended for double disk systems without an ABS system

The Brembo radial pump has been the product that has revolutionized the world of braking systems over the last decade.

The radial pump is thus defined by its configuration such that both the force of the fingers on the lever and that of the lever itself on the piston act in the same direction, or radially with respect to the anchor point of the pump, namely the handlebar. This means that all the force applied to the lever is transformed into a braking action, ie braking becomes powerful, constant and precise.

In particular, the 19mm version is recommended for all two-disc systems and is available in 4 different versions:

- 19 x 16 It is the most racing version, with the same force exerted on the lever it will allow you to brake immediately very powerful, not recommended for road use.

- 19 x 18 is an intermediate sports version, not recommended for road use

-19 x 20 It is the most reactive version, always very sensitive and ready to brake. Being less powerful it is recommended for road use.

- 19 RCS is the version that allows you to vary the wheelbase from 18 to 20mm, excellent for both road and track use.


Pistons diameter: 19mm

Lever distance: 20mm

Material: CNC Forged Aluminium

Surface Finish: Hard anodizing

Mass: 306gr.

Brake fluid: DOT 4 

NOTE: The hydrostop for remote switching on the rear light is included in the package.

On our site you can find all the accessories and spare parts inherent to Brembo pumps (assembly kit, tanks, jumpers, levers, remote adjusters, etc ...)