Brembo | Front Calipers | GP4-RR Radial Brake Calipers 108mm - P4 32 / 36


Brand Brembo

GP4-RR Radial Brake Calipers 108mm - P4 32 / 36 [PAIR]


Model of calipers : GP4-RR
Wheelbase : 108mm
Body of caliper : Monoblock
Surface protection : Hard anodised
Offset : 22.5mm
Piston diameter : 32 / 36mm
Number of pistons : 4

NOTE : This pair of calipers is specific for low-end discs.


New Brembo GP4-RR calipers totally machined with the help of the latest CAD-CAM technologies.

This led to an important reduction in weight, which brought the
mass / stiffness ratio to a record level in the category. 

The body has benefited from the introduction of a central bridge structure, which increases its overall stiffness. 

The hard anodised body derives directly from Brembo's experience in the most prestigious world championships and has allowed us to refine the machining tolerances to the full advantage of performance and operating precision.