BMW S1000RR 10>F12/F15 Series Full Cartridge Kit


Brand Matris
Matris Fork Conversions

Original equipment motorcycle forks are by their very nature a compromise. They are set up by the manufacturer for the average rider of average weight and ability riding on the average road!! Unfortunately, since people, their weight, riding ability and the roads and tracks they ride upon are not average this means that by their very nature the forks and their settings are always wrong and can be vastly improved upon.

Manufactured in the Italy to the highest quality, Matris fork conversion kits are designed to improve upon the original equipment and can be set up much more accurately for each individual rider. Depending upon specification, this means they will improve upon both the springing and damping effects making the forks more precise, more adjustable, easier to use and ultimately better in every regard. They are available in three principal formats, Spring Kits, Hydraulic Kits and Complete Cartridge kits.

All aluminium components are made from 7075 aluminum, lapped and hard anodised. Linear springs are Cr-Mb alloy steel with cataphoris surface treatment and are available in different rates for different bike models and different rider weights.

Spring Kits

KS kits – contain Springs, Spacers & Oil

KE kits – contain Fork Caps with Pre load adjustment, Springs, Spacers, Flow regulators.

Hydraulic Kits

SE Kits – contain Fork Caps with Pre load adjustment, Springs, Spacers, Piston set with shim stack for compression and rebound adjustment. (This fork set does not require modification of the original forks) & Oil

RK Kits – Pre-assembled complete compression set with piston & shim stack, pre-assembled complete rebound set with piston and shim stack, complete valve set for compression adjustment to replace the original (if provided on the original!!). Springs spacers & oil.

Complete Cartridge Kits

Complete cartridge kits are available in 20mm (F12S) and 25mm (F12R) formats.

They are a complete kit to replace all the original fork internals. Both 20mm and 25mm versions use a 12mm pumping rod and compression and rebound pistons machined from Aluminium billet, with its own dedicated shim stack and supported by oiless slide bearings. The Spring preload, rebound and compression adjusters all adjust with specific clicks and the kit includes, springs, valve set for compression adjustment (where provided for by the original) and oil.