• RSV4 APRC/FACTORY (2009-2016)


-Tech sliders, commonly known as Crash Pads, are special protectors that are bolted to a motorcycle frame or engine. Their purpose is to protect vehicle and minimise damage during the fall, both stationary and in motion. The special polymer of the Womet-Tech sliders compensates a significant amount of impact energy. In addition, the dense structure of the protector slowly rubs off during the slipping, stopping the vehicle.

Thanks to this Womet-Tech Endurance sliders provide additional protection for the engine and bodywork without overburdening the frame and engine mounting points.

Womet-Tech Crash Pads are made on CNC machines.Sliders are produced by cutting a block of special, high density polymer. The polymer parameters were selected to dissipate the impact energy and remained highly resistant to abrasion and cracking.You can change the color of the polymer slider, free of charge, by adding the Crash Pad Slider Color Change service to your order.

Street Mounting: Composite pads are bolted to the engine or frame via specially designed aluminium adapters. Thanks to that, there is no need to drill holes in fairings.

All Womet-Tech Crash Pads/Frame Sliders has been designed and manufactured in Poland.