ALTH Floating Round discs


Brand Alth
ALTH Performance Floating Round discs

Alth works on the complete quality of the products, insuring that everything starting from the raw materials (carbon fiber and chromium steel) all the way to the quality of the manufacturing process.

The metals are cut only by laser, giving ALTH the highest precision. This method also eliminates cracks in the material.

The hardening process of the braking parts takes 36 hours because not only the disc surface is tempered but the entire thickness of the disc is hardened. The results of this process yield harder steel, higher wear resistance and higher heat resistance (up to 600 centigrade); When the discs start to wear from use, it doesn't loose hardness and the braking surfaces continue to maintain optimum performance thanks to the fact that the entire disk is hardened. Moreover, even when the disc is stressed, the brake lever maintains the original position without undergoing the efforts thanks to the optimum hardening of the disc.

In addition, the aluminium inner is not pressed or cast but machined from a solid block (billet). This process results in much higher rigidity and greatly reduces the chances of deformation or warping since it's also resistant to a higher heat range.

The machining is performed with a CNC machine tailored expressly for Alth products and the materials used tested only on that with special processing.

All the working processes are done disc by disc, each disc is checked one by one.


Alth products are born on the racetrack. After extensive in-house testing with special equipment the disks are then tested in the field, which in Alth's case is on the track where they can safely push the disks to their limits in order to insure durability, safety and functionality.


Personal and unique keeping the quality.

Alth uses unique designs for the complete satisfaction of its customers. The focus is on the search for a beautiful design together with many studios to ensure that the disks continues to maintain its image.

The hubs are available in different design and colours (as the pawls) to better suit different motorcycles.

All these characteristics are putting together with the Italian tradition of quality handmade products.

The disks are available for most of the bike models out there, therefore quite impossible to list all the models...

We recommend Lucas SRQ brake pads for Alth disks; please see our website under Lucas products.

Please scroll down for more images. The main photo features floating wavy disks with red centers.