AiM Solo 2 DL Plug & Play Lap Timer Kit


Brand Aim


AiM Solo 2 DL is the most precise and simple way to get lap times. Specifically designed to ensure an improvement in your riding performance.

Key Features :

Direct ECU data logging Predictive lap timing
Up to 8 configurable display pages Integrated GPS & GLONASS receiver
Automatic track recognition Internal 4 GB memory
Wi-Fi connection 10 configurable RGB LEDs
Database with more than 4,000 tracks worldwide Aprilia ECU connection cable
Multiple-use modes: speed, Time, performance 7 different colour backlights


Easy Connection

The Suzuki ECU interface cable provides a plug & play solution for connecting the Solo 2 DL lap timmer to your bike. Please refer to the technical sheet on how to connect the ECU cable to your bike.

The sampled data you record depends on the actual ECU but typically includes RPM, engine load, throttle position (TPS), oil, air, water temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage, speed, gear and lambda value (air/fuel). The list of ECUs is forever growing and being updated.

Add a SmartyCam HD/GP HD camera to create an even more powerful system to help provide you with great videos that include all the technical information to help improve your performance.

Solo 2 DL gives instant speed, timing splits live data and predictive lap times.

The Solo 2 DL has a sharp, high contrast display which helps drivers easily identify the data displayed on the screen. The Solo 2 DL also features a selection of 7 different backlight colours which can be selected to suit your requirements.

Please Note: For these models/years Aim recommends not to remove the stock dash. Doing so will disable some of the bike functions or safety controls.

Predictive Lap Timer

The GPS technology provides better reliability from the predictive lap timing function so you can see in real-time how your current lap compares to your best lap. The LEDs are also configurable to give a visual indication of whether you are quicker or slower. You can also build the layout of the display to show the data you want to see.

Data Recall On Screen

Solo 2 DL is not just restricted to circuit racing, it can also be used for point to point or regularity events as well as performance tests such as 0-60mph etc. And just like the circuit racing mode, all the data is recorded and can be reviewed immediately after each race or test session.

Solo 2 DL New Track Creation And Our Track Database

Solo 2 DL allows you to simply create a new temporary or permanent track layout whether it's a point to point run for rallying or a closed-loop track it can simply be added to the solo 2 and PC database.

Simply put, if there is no track already, the Solo 2 DL will create a new one for you...

With over 4000 tracks pre-loaded from around the world. As soon as it's switched on the Solo 2 DL identifies its position. Then once you start to drive it automatically recognises the start line coordinates of the track and will start sampling lap times every time you go past.

WiFi Communication With The PC

The Solo 2 DL has integrated Wi-Fi, so if you want to review your data in more depth simply transfer your data securely and quickly onto a laptop or computer up to 50m away without the need for connectors and cables. You can then import the data into the Race Studio 3 software.