Aim MXS Strada Motorcycle Racing Dash/Display Standard Icons Version


Brand Aim

The Aim MXS Strada Motorcycle Racing Dash/Display Standard Icons version is a color, high-contrast, 5” TFT dash display developed for race street and race car/bike installations which are fully configurable. It comes with two loom options, CAN or OBDII .You can configure alarm LEDs choosing color, blinking frequency and defining the logic for turning them on or off.

"Simply The Best Motorcycle Dash/Display Ever"

MXS Strada Motorcycle Racing Dash DisplayData come from a wide range of sources, including your vehicle ECU, the analog/digital inputs, the optional GPS and external expansions as well as predefined math channels.

You can choose among a wide library of page styles, defining the data to be shown. Also, end of scales and units of measure can be easily configured using the RaceStudio3 software.

The MXS Strada has a 5" color display with great visual impact configurable to show lap times and all the info coming from the Engine Control Unit, analog/digital inputs, pre-defined math channels and optionally the GPS Module. Its data sampling capability can also be incremented adding up to eight expansion modules. The MXS acquires data from the ECU of your bike.
Our support centre includes 1,000 different ECUs, either Stock and Racing which are sorted by manufacturer/vehicle model: for each ECU you find the proprietary communication protocols, including the standard OBDII ones. From a hardware point of view, Aim systems manage the following data using CAN, RS232 and K-Line. Aim systems analog inputs are recorded up to 1000 times per second each and you can connect and monitor all kinds of sensors, like, Ratiometric potentiometers, Pressure sensors, Thermo-resistances, K-type thermocouples and many others, all your custom sensors included.

The Aim MXS Strada Motorcycle Racing Dash Display also features the following digital Inputs; Speed signals from the ECU and the GPS and from the wheel sensors. RPM from the ECU or from a digital input connected to a square wave signal (8 to 50 V) or to a low voltage (from 150 to 400 V) of the coil. Lap signal, lap and split times are sampled by the GPS or via optical receiver/transmitter.

An innovative Aim systems feature is its CAN2 line, managing data coming from your additional modules i.e. ABS, traction control, infrared temperature sensors and more. This feature meets the requirements of a growing number of racers, as the use of additional modules is becoming quite common in a number of series.

You immediately get Math Channels values and the dash logger can be configured to display those values i.e. brake bias, calculated gear in real time.


Aim MXS Strada Motorcycle Racing Dash Display is a high contrast TFT display: its visual quality is always optimal as its ambient light sensor keeps the back light at the best brightness levels. The dash is available in the "Street Icons" version needed by street users i.e. fuel, oil, water temp

MXS Strada shows, together with RPM scale, all the data you need, like speed, water temperature and oil pressure, laptimes and much more. You can choose the custom pages you wish - including up to four additional fields - among a wide library of page styles, defining which data to be shown, their end of scale and measure units. Swapping between pages is quite easy using the pushbuttons.

The ten multicolored RGB shift lights can be customized to your liking, defining the RPM threshold for each single gear. The same flexibility applies to the configurable RGB alarm LEDs. You can configure them in order to turn them on/off depending on analog or digital inputs, ECU values, expansion values, math channels or optionally, GPS information.

You choose conditions and colors of the MXS Strada: select a solid alarm or flashing one - and the flashing frequency. It is also possible to configure an accompanying text message, and set the alarm priorities. With Aim MXS Strada Car Racing Dash Display, the CAN Output you can send messages directly to an existing CAN network in order to improve the range of vehicle control possibilities.

MXS Strada features a 1 amp digital output configurable in order to be activated/deactivated depending on the value of the analog/digital inputs or on impulses coming from the ECU. This permits to automatically run external systems, i.e. to switch on/off additional lights, to activate/de-activate a cooling fan or circulation pumps, etc. when a certain event happens.

Add expansion modules via our built in CAN bus eg. GPS08, external Memory Modules, Channel Expansions, Lambda Controllers. These are only some of the items that can be added to our MXS Strada for incrementing the performance and the data acquired

MXS Strada is configured via Race Studio3: you can create, modify, delete, import and export configurations with all channels, ECU drivers, Math channels, Display Pages, Digital output, Alarms, Shift Lights and all the expansions you need.

Compact 5” TFT High Contrast TFT Display - Fully user configurable
6 configurable RGB alarm LED's
A 10 RGB LED shift light array
Three CAN connections
Connections with industry leading 700+ ECUs
A 3-axis accelerometer + gyroscop
8 analog inputs at a max 1000 Hz each
4 digital speed inputs
Coil RPM input
A lap signal input
2 digital outputs
Real-time fully configurable math channels
All this is housed in a waterproof aluminum chassis with sealed side mounted aluminum buttons for quick easy interaction.