AiM Solo 2 DL + SmartyCam 2.2 GP HD Motorcycle Plug & Play Lap Timer Track Day Kit


Brand Aim

Plug & Play Kit

Solo 2 DL ECU Connection

Solo 2 DL connects to your ECU with a plug and play cable to provide you with ECU and GPS data. SmartyCam GP HD records your onboard video and audio.



The GPS technology used in this unit has been updated and now receives the data from three satellite constellations, GPS, Glonass and Galileo; making for a significant improvement in data speed and positioning precision. This means that the start-up time is reduced to a matter of seconds and lap times are accurate to a tolerance of two-hundredths of a second.

Multiple Configurations Management

Solo 2 DL can receive up to 10 configurations at one time allowing you to switch among them through keys.

The power ON requires only a few seconds and lap times calculated with a max of 2/100 sec of tolerance.

Solo 2 DL gives instant Speed, Timing, Splits live data and predictive lap times.


Solo 2 DL screen can be backlit in one of seven available colours


Predictive Lap Timer

The  Solo 2 DL has 10 configurable RGB LEDs and will give you a clear and fast indication of the comparison with your last lap. Predictive page: shows the predicted current lap time in the format you set.

+/- in relation to the Reference Lap Predicted Lap Time.

You can custom build the layout of the display, to show the information you choose on 4 reconfigurable pages, your data shown in your way, see an example below.

Solo 2 DL Data Recall Modes

Solo 2 DL can manage two types of data or races:

In each of these configurations, Solo 2 DL gives the complete information during the test with the data ready to view on the Solo 2DL or Race Studio Analysis software immediately after each race or test session.

Data Recall on Screen Data

At the end of your test, you can quickly review all the key information on your display, RPM, Temps Times ECT.

SmartyCam HD or HD GP Connection

The perfect connection to get all your data from the ECU, merge them with the GPS information and transmit everything to the SmartyCam GP HD then watch the graphical overlay in the video.

The SmartyCam has been engineered to withstand the extreme working conditions typical of all Motorsport.

Unlock your potential with SmartyCam and Race Studio 3

Wi-Fi Communication with the PC

With wifi connectivity, you can transfer your data securely and quickly to your laptop or computer without cables.

Solo 2 DL New Track Creation and our Track Database

 Making use of GPS technology, the Solo 2 DL is pre-loaded with a database of over 4,000 tracks from all over the world so that as soon as the unit is switched on, it identifies its position and loads the start line coordinates ready to begin recording lap times. If, however, the particular track that you are at is not recognised, the Solo 2 DL automatically enters auto-learning mode and begins to build the track layout based on your car position and records the lap times.