Melotti Racing | Ohlins Steering Damper Mount | Yamaha R6 2006>21




Compatible with : YAMAHA R6 2006-2020

This racing kit allows you to mount the steering damper on the Yamaha R6 2006-2020 with Melotti steering plate.

Developed for stock regulations (standard chassis), the kit consists of two elements:

- Bracket in aluminium alloy, machined from solid with CNC machines and treated with black anodic oxidation (for fixing the shock absorber body on the lower steering plate)

- Stud and washer (for fixing the shock absorber rod to the frame)

The bracket, mounted on the lower steering plate, also has the function of supporting the head of the front strain gauge, thus avoiding the addition of an additional collar.

The use of the lateral steering damper is a real "must" on racing bikes, the response of the hydraulics is in fact faster, smoother and more progressive.

These advantages are given by the lateral position, which is physically more correct to react to the flapping of the front axle, and by the greater stroke of the shock absorber itself: with the same steering oscillation during the flapping, the shock absorber in the lateral position has in fact much more useful travel. to counteract the sudden movement with respect to that mounted transversely.