Experience gained in World Championships, our new semi handlebars for the Pre Moto3 and Moto3 with 45mm fork diameter and Supersport 300 with 41mm diameter, 40mm offset and 14 to 18 degrees angle adjustment.
Fully machined from solid with diversification of the material between the bracelets and the pipes to ensure the controlled deformation in the event of a fall by using software programs to simulate the breaking loads and deformation.
As always the best technology in all our products.

Handlebar whole billet in 45/47/50/51/52/53/55/58 mm, hard oxidized with two very special features:
- Ability to change the angle from 6 to 10 degrees in order to customize the feeling to your riding style, without moving parts that would be cumbersome to touch on the instrumentation.
- 3mm thickness of the handlebar stem (as in Superbike and MotoGP) instead of the usual 2mm, to ensure a higher resistance in the event of a slide.

Only racing use