BMW S1000 RR | 2019>21 | 40MM OFFSET | 10MM OR 20MM RAISED


Handlebars dedicated to the last BMW superbike.
Each element of the Extreme Components handlebars is made from solid billet aluminium machined with 3D working CNC technology.
In addiction to our gained experience with the previous S1000rr model that permitted us to get the second place in the 2018 European STK Championship with Roberto Tamburini, for all the racing parts for the brand new BMW S1000rr 2019 we decided to cooperate once again with “Tambu”.
Handlebars and rearsets are the principal points of contact between rider and motorbike and so have a crucial role to have the best feeling when riding.
After many test and studies thanks to “Tambu” we choose a position with 40mm offset, raised of 10mm and with a misalignment of 5mm to the outside.

As always it is present the possibility to change the angle of the tubes from 6° to 10°, one our our best invention since 10 years.
Our handlebars are also supplied of clips to close the triple clamp and replace the originals ones. The finish is black thanks to hard anodization with the presence of an engrave scale to adjust the inclination of the tubes.
A particular manufacturing process on the clips permit to the rider “to open and close the angle of the handlebars” without having any type of problem or contact with the triple clamp. Thanks to this process we can say that our handlebars kit is the most adjustable kit available in the market.

Only racing use